Tuesday, June 18, 2013
By Sherri Lloyd
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In March I went to visit my son Jeremy and his wife Whitney, their daughter Isabella (Bella) and son Jackson. They live in Irmo S .Carolina where Jeremy serves as worship pastor at Gateway Baptist Church. They love it there and after my visit I know why. The people are so loving and made me feel very welcome.

It is always my delight to photograph my grandchildren any time I visit. I keep an eye out for the perfect place. It's always fun to take pictures when the landscape is different than the area where I live.

Bella (age 3) has become fascinated with fairies and calls herself Tinkerbella, so I bought her a pair of fairy wings and a dress to match for her 3rd birthday. Well I had the perfect subject and the perfect outfit, all I needed was the perfect place.

Irmo is a suburb of Columbia, which is the capital of South Carolina. The State House is rich with history and the grounds are beautiful. A perfectly enchanting place to capture my little fairy.


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Friday, June 07, 2013
By Sherri Lloyd
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I have had the pleasure of being the caretaker of many dogs in my life and as a result I have experienced the joy, the responsibility, the anguish and the sorrow they can bring.

My first dog, an Australian Shepherd named PeeWee came into my life when I was 5 years old. He was beautiful and was actually suppose to be an  actual sheep herder, but because of his small stature being the "Pee Wee" of the litter he was given to my family while we lived in Texas. We formed a close bond immediately and I knew that if I had anything to do with it, I would always have a dog in my life. However, all too soon I learned the sorrow that can accompany being a dog caretaker as a family move caused Pee Wee to be left  behind. It was 5 long years with much pleading that the 2nd dog came into my life.

Thumpy was a very special pound puppy who stole my heart and the hearts of all who knew him.  Life was different for Thumpy than all the dogs I have known since then.  He lived in a era of no leash laws and traveled  where and when he pleased. He would make his rounds all over the St. Andrew area of town to see the many people who looked forward to his visits. However, he always arrived home in time to eat (when he was hungry that is) and to sleep. His life was cut short at age 6 by the peril of many a dog - an oncoming car.  The sorrow of the loss of another dog had come once more.

My 3rd dog was a cocker spaniel named Sputter Butter.  My husband Chip and I had just gotten married and were living in Atlanta. He wanted so much to give me a dog because I wanted one so much and after all is  life complete without a dog in it?  Being away from home for the first time, Sputter brought me comfort and helped me with the separation  anxiety I was experiencing from missing my family.

When we began having children the next logical step for me was of  course 'every boy needs a dog' and so the next 2 dogs were boy dogs. One was a boy and the other a girl, but they were chosen because they seemed like dogs suited for 2 boys.  J.J., named after my 2 sons, Jeremy and Jordan, was a black lab and Molly, who came later, was a golden retriever.

Molly is the dog my sons have the fondest memories of because of her loving  disposition and loyalty to her family. We had the pleasure of being her  caretaker for 10 wonderful years. The boys had already left home when Molly died.  Chip and I spent hours at the vet's office lying on the floor with her as our vet (Dr. Robert Scott at Gulf Coast Animal Hospital)  attempted to save her. I will never forget the 3 of us laying stretched out on the floor and poor Molly who could barely move would pick up her head and look at one of us and then the other, not wanting to in any way show partiality, as if she was saying "I love you both."

I was determined to have no more dogs and my husband agreed but it is a sad thing when you come home and no one greets you at the door. So in no time we were making plans for another dog.We decided that we could not bare having another Golden Retriever because we felt it would be hard for the next dog to live up to our Molly and so we decided on a Collie.

We waited 6 months to become the family of our next dog. We traveled to Louisiana to bring home our new addition whom we named him Bailey. Bailey quickly filled our hearts and could have been our Molly dressed up in a Collie suit. The same sweet disposition and loyalty. Bailey never meets a stranger and can be led  around by a 3 year old, but he has also shown a protective side when he  feels it is needed. Bailey turned 12 on May 30th. We are all preparing  ourselves for the inevitable but are enjoying each day that he is still part of our lives.

If one dog is good then 2 dogs are twice as nice, so when Bailey was 3 we added a Yorkie to our family. We named him Zacheus after the man in the bible who was, as the children's song goes, "A Wee Little Man." Zacheus, although small, became the ruler of our house. Bailey weighs about 60 lbs more than Zacheus but "Little Dog" as Chip would call him is the boss and sweet Bailey doesn't seem to care.

I believe that dogs are a special gift to us from God.  They give us unconditional love and ask very little from us. They can fill a void in our lives when we are sad, lonely, feeling disappointment or uncertainty about the future. I think we all need the love of a dog in our lives and need to learn to love others the way our dogs love us.

Question: "Who is the dog in your life?"

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
By Sherri Lloyd
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Recently my daughter-in-law Whitney gave my grandchildren, Isabella and Jackson the cutest birthday party with the theme based on the book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. If you are familiar with the book you know that it chronicles all the things the caterpillar ate on each day of the week. She displayed each plate of food with the corresponding day that it was eaten.

The cake was clever and simple. The body was made up of cupcakes aligned in rows with a larger cake for the head, which also served as the "smash cake" for my grandson's first birthday.

She decorated the tables with tissue paper caterpillars and made caterpillar streamers with photos of the kids.

Face painting was also available with butterflies being a favorite and an art project making caterpillars using fingerprints.

Whitney even monogramed their outfits with caterpillars.

Little copies of the book were on a table for guests to sign that would serve as a keepsake for Bella and Jackson to always remember the friends who shared their special day with them. The highlight of the day was the reading of the book by daddy.

Everyone went home with a bag of caterpillar food (candy) to take with them. It was so special to be able to share this precious birthday party with Bella and Jackson. What a great idea for a joint birthday party!

Friday, May 24, 2013
By Sherri Lloyd
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Recently I had the opportunity to photograph Ella Shane Crutchfield.  For me as a photographer, it doesn't get much better than an almost 6 year old that loves to have her picture made. I must confess that it makes my job easy.  We took off on an adventure looking for little pockets of light to sit in, flowers to smell and trees to climb. She is beautiful and also likes to climb trees! Ella did not want to stop taking pictures and neither did I!

Ella is named after her uncle Shane who died tragically fourteen years ago. She stands as a reminder that those we love never leave us because they retain a place in our hearts.

When we suffer the loss of someone we love so very much, our faith is put to the test. Do we trust God with everything and do we trust him enough to believe how very much he loves us even though our world seems to be collapsing? The Crutchfields are a family that are doing just that - serving their Lord, loving those who desperately need it and believing that no matter where the circumstances of life take them, they have a Father who loves them enough to allow his own son to die for them.

Thursday, May 23, 2013
By Sherri Lloyd
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I am excited to begin a brand new blog for Sherri Lloyd Photography! This blog site will be about me and what I love, who I am and what I've learned, but mostly about my photography and the amazing people I get the opportunity to photograph. I plan to share photography tips, creative prop ideas, the places I visit and the people I meet all through the pictures I take. Come as often as you can because I have some exciting things to introduce to you in the future!  Through this blog and my entire business, my desire is that everything I do brings glory to God my Father as he continues to show me the plans he has for the rest of my life.

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